Friday, September 30, 2011

Rihanna, S&M, and Chris Brown

What on earth was Rihanna's producers thinking when they had her release a song called "S&M" not too long after the whole Chris Brown debacle?  Did they think a woman who just came out of an abusive relationship would be the perfect spokeswoman for torture porn?  This is like having Stanley Kubrick become a politician just after making A Clockwork Orange and running on a platform in which he envisioned a futuristic utopia. 

The song has played on various top 40 stations for months and even with that type of exposure, there has been very little blow back.  Oh wait, no.  There has been blow back against the video being too sexy, because if there is one thing we learned from Madonna's banned "Justify My Love" video is that nobody will ever see it.  It's not like the internet pretty much has free reign over showing such material.  And shit, being too sexy should be the biggest point of controversy for a song called "S&M" released by a woman known to be abused by a former boyfriend right?  Its almost as if this heroic tale of chains, whips, and bondage is being censored because society is so uncomfortable with sex that men think erections are caused by gypsy curses and women get wet from cats staring at them.

Of course Rihanna had a song called "Man Down" in which she shoots a dude who is later revealed to have sexually assaulted her.  This video also sparked controversy for portraying a message of dishing out justice yourself much like every Steven Segal movie.  A little over the top, sure, but why complain about a pop star venting some frustration?  If a Jew released a song about killing Nazis, nobody would even care seeing as how Nazi's are the only group in which it is always politically correct to talk about slaughtering. Apparently, rapists need more Hitlers.

"Man Down" shouldn't be controversial and neither should "S&M".  But...S&M should not have been released this soon.  Rihannas producers must have the tact of a blind taxidermist.  They are stuffing Rihanna full of sex symbol vitamins at a time when they should have her sing about shitty boyfriends, not about how she likes shitty boyfriends. The next time a girl complains about not being able to find a nice guy, remember it's hard to feel sympathy when all they want are Chris Browns. 

By the way, this is not a blame the victim, "she was asking for it" type of post.  Fuck these douchebags who treat women this way.  But, we live in a world where certain assholes see her songs in that sort of light, and it gives them excuses.   Plus, there is nothing wrong with the song "S&M" as long as there is some truth to it.  I just don't think there is any.

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