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Here is a list of sites I check out pretty regularly.  Making a link list is tedious so I will be updating this list gradually.  I am leaving out the heavyweights for now since they don't need any help from me.  These are the lesser known sites.

Also:  If you are a regular visitor to this blog, and/or I know you, and/or I happen to visit your site a lot and forgot to add you, and/or you just want me too, e-mail me at and I will add you to the list.   Oh, and/or message me on twitter because I like you. 

Awesome blogs for awesome happiness

A Beer for the Shower - A sweet webcomic that is hilarious as hell.  Check it.
Dorothy:  Locked and Loaded - A dark, twisted, and sometimes funny take on Dorothy from the "Wizard of OZ".
Dougsploitation - A blog on the deepest regions of pop culture.  Finds things I would have never considered.
Down Goes Brown - The funniest blog about the NHL, and I love me some hockey.
Phantom of Pulp - A look at exploitation, horror, and yes, porn movies.
Save Point - Video games and geek culture galore. Also, Lisa Foiles!
Steam Me Up, Kid... - The funniest fucking shit ever. I wish she would update her blog.
The Roaring Dork - Another blog of geeky stuff but yet another who hasn't updated their shit. What the hell?
Topless Robot - A nerdy website about so, so very much nerdness I love it.

Awesome websites that are not blogs but awesome happiness still ensues.

The Cinema Snob - Brad Jones is the Cinema Snob who satirically reviews exploitation, controversial movies, and yes, porn parodies.
That Guy With The Glasses - Home of the "Nostalgia Critic" and a shit ton of other reviewers. Some satirical, others straight forward.
Spoony Experiment - A very funny and suprisingly agreeable reviewer of video games, bad movies and TV shows. Well known for his reviews of Highlander, Ultima, and of course, Final Fantasy.

Non Comedy blogs that I visit because you should too if you hope to be as awesome as me.

Milehighhockey - A blog on the Colorado Avalanche hockey annihilators that are currently annihilating their chances of making the playoffs.
Burgundy Wave - A blog on the Colorado Rapids that I used to comment a lot on but don't anymore because I don't know as much about the players, or soccer for that matter, as I wish I did and I don't want to sound like an idiot.  But hey, if your like me and care about the Rapids, read it and comment if your not a pussy like me.

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