What is all this?

Hi there.  Welcome to Robot Hooker Party, a personal opinion comedy blog about American and Internet culture.  We hope you take a look around.  After all, this blog is scientifically proven to make you more sexually attractive to everything.  Men, women, animals, inanimate objects, dangerous acids; everything.  Check out this actual reader feedback.
"Thank you so much for this blog.  I used to live a lonely, sad, hollow life without meaning until this.  People and, for reasons I'm unsure of, objects have started to notice me.  Today, a tree told me I had a nice ass.  I've never been complemented like that before!  Tomorrow, I'm going on a date with a sewing machine.  I really think it might be the one!  This never would have happened without you Robot Hooker Party.  Thanks again!"  
See?  What do you have to lose except precious time and a marriage that would be illegal in 39 states?

Here you will find posts on any aspect of our culture, including pop culture, and hopefully find them as stupid, pointless, strangely curious, and as inherently funny as we do.  Our culture is so fickle and easily excited, any random fad can become popular in hours.  That is where the name Robot Hooker Party comes from.  It's an event so strange, that if it was possible, it would be popular and we would find it hilarious. 

So read a little and see if you like it.  Hopefully you'll have a few laughs.  We don't care if you agree with us, it's the comedy that is important here.  If this isn't something you are interested in then, well, maybe this is more your speed.

JK-47.  From your moms bedroom.
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