Monday, March 19, 2012

Excited About The Walking Dead Again. Or Am I?

This post contains spoilers.  So if you haven't seen the second season finale yet, and want to, don't read on.   If you haven't seen any episodes, than I'm sure this post makes total sense and you should totally read it.  Read on after the jump.  Do it!  DO IT!  

When the second season of The Walking Dead resumed six weeks ago, I couldn't have cared less.  I had pretty much written off the show when most of the first half of the season consisted of looking for Sophia in the Blair Witch woods and engaging in pointless bickering on a farm about if humans should live indoors.  On the night of the second half premiere, I tuned in halfway through the show out of curiosity.  I watched for 5 minutes until I let out a loud sigh and rolled my eyes like a 16-year old girl being told by her parents to turn down that shitty dope step music.  It was yet another scene of characters arguing about laundry or some shit that went nowhere and I began to wonder if this zombie show would ever feature zombies again.

Now that the second season has ended, I am back in.  I'm cautiously optimistic that the show is headed in the right direction after a first half of a season that somehow ruined zombies more than the Resident Evil movie franchise.  I'm glad they reset the series' missing tension by unexpectedly killing off a main character (Dale) despite him being killed in the dumbest ninja zombie assassin way.  That zombie was like, "move like a butterfly, sting like a brUUGHHghualll."  I also like that the group had to leave that stupid farm where they were safe from zombies because zombies stick to major roadways?  I don't know, forests are hard for zombies.  I'm also glad, but not surprised, they killed off those two useless kids of Hershel's who never did anything, say anything, and collected cattle once.  And speaking of hardly used characters, T-Dog did something barely.

So yeah, I'm excited again for this series.  The recent casting news indicates that the show is moving closer to the comics story.   This is a good thing since the series was moving toward a soap opera where sometimes zombies but not usually.  Now most of the group is traveling again, at least until they reach the prison which brings up all sorts of potential pointless bickering scenes and a character called 'The Governor' will be the new villain replacing Shane and Carl is still infuriatingly alive.....

Shit.  Why am I excited again?

Disclaimer:  This article is satirical and opinionated.  I haven't read the comics but I have my doubts that this Michonne character everyone seems so excited about won't be screwed up by these writers and somehow make me hate ninjas almost as much as I now hate zombies.

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