Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well hello there. I didn't expect you so early. It's okay though, I'm prepared. I already stopped at the store to pick up a few things. The beer is on ice, not like you will be needing any, and the drugs have been smoked and injected a long time ago. I also got a 5 gallon bucket of lube so whenever you would like too...

Wait. What's that?...Oh shit! Sorry. I thought you were that, um, companion from Japan that is totally into me and stuff. Yes, yes. Ok, yes sorry. Sorry I confused you for that robot hooker I ordered. Jesus, you act like you have never been confused for a sex toy before!

Anyway, since your here, welcome to my new comedy blog! Stick around for a bit. I guess you can have a beer but don't drink them all.

This is a personal blog where I will be writing about my various observations on culture that I think are funny. It will be a lot like my other blog but will be updated more frequently and is going to be a little more my style. A little more loose too. I know writing about something as large, complicated, and kind of vague as culture is a little directionless but it's a topic I like to write, and more importantly, joke about.

Culture here includes social beliefs and behaviors, entertainment, subcultures, and "pop" culture, which in the age of the internet, is just as big of a part of culture as someones religion or nationality. I'm not saying Bieber is bigger than Jesus but he's certainly bigger than Buddha. I mean, not physically bigger than Buddha but you know what I'm getting at. Pop culture isn't really any different than our regular culture anymore. Some people actually thought Donald Trump was a credible candidate for president. Need I go on?

So anyway, I'll do a first real post soon. Come by and check it out. Even if you don't agree with my opinion, hopefully you'll enjoy the jokes. If you like poking fun of stupid things our culture embraces and laughing at them, then we can be friends. Thanks for reading.

For now though, you should probably go. My date is going to show up soon. If it has a camera on it where some pervert on the other end sees two of us I will get charged double. Take a beer with you. I'll see you later.

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